26th March 2018 |

Celebrating diversity through music

We spoke with the Australian School of Performing Arts about Australia’s rich cultural heritage and how they celebrate diversity through music.


Why did your organisation choose to take part in A Taste of Harmony? How did it come about?

Gail Virgona, a member of the Australian Girls Choir alumni network, informed us about A Taste of Harmony.


How long has your organisation been participating in A Taste of Harmony? 

This is our first year.


Describe what your A Taste of Harmony event typically looks like.

Today we had around 40 people and the two most popular dishes were tiramisu from Italy (gluten free) and a delicious lentil and lamb dish from Mauritius.


What impact has A Taste of Harmony had on your organisation?

We regularly share food but this time it was really interesting to direct our conversation towards cultural heritage. When people said Australian, we made them dig further into their family history.


In what ways do you celebrate cultural diversity in your workplace?

Musically – we learn and sing music from around the world as a regular part of our work world.  We’re also naturally inclined towards story telling so we do that regularly too.


What tips do you have for other organisations interested in hosting a successful A Taste of Harmony event?

Well, one thing that worked really nicely was popping a map up for people to place a star on to show where they’re from and we made sure we told stories about why we chose the food we shared.


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