Australia Post

As one of Australia’s largest employers we are proud to have such a culturally and linguistically diverse workforce and our people truly reflect the rich diversity of the community we serve. Our focus is on building a more inclusive workforce by breaking down the language and cultural barriers so new Australians are able to access gainful employment and actively participate in our community.

Australia Post understands the importance of attracting and retaining talented people from diverse backgrounds who bring a range of viewpoints and ideas with different skills and experiences. At Australia Post we have made a significant investment in training and development to equip our people with the skills that will be increasingly required as our core business continues to change.

A Taste of Harmony is a much celebrated event for Australia Post as it brings our people together to share stories over food, which inevitably leads to greater cultural understanding, appreciation and harmony. It’s a simple and engaging way to embrace cultural diversity and we celebrate this event nationally in our retail outlets, facilities and office locations.

A Taste of Harmony is
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