There are many ways to get involved!

A Taste of Harmony is your passport to a world of cultural celebration right in your workplace! This unique event is all about embracing the richness of diverse traditions and uniting through the universal language of food. The best part? It's free to participate, and organising it is an absolute breeze! Get ready for an extraordinary experience that will leave everyone buzzing with excitement!
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  • Many ways to get involved

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  • Celebrate diversity in your workplace

    I am looking forward to hosting A Taste of Harmony to bring everyone together to celebrate different cultures. I will be inviting 60 students and staff to come together and share in a meal in one of our buildings.“A Taste of Harmony is important because it sets aside a special time to celebrate diversity, and while we are working towards respect every day, having a special event to acknowledge difference is important.

    - Flourish Employee

  • Make your team feel welcomed

    ATOH is a major benefit for team members to know that their heritage and culture is respected and welcomed in their workplace, and that as an organisation we have respect for diversity in an honest and open environment.

    - Alexandra Purser, T&C and Internal Communications Officer

  • Share stories with your colleagues

    It’s the stories which make A Taste of Harmony so engaging for staff so we always ensure these take centre stage at our events and we seek permission from staff to share them.

    - Diversity and Inclusion consultant, Ashley Samson



Food, culture and celebrating workplace cultural diversity
  • Enter the A Taste of Harmony early bird competition and win!

    We invite you to participate in A Taste of Harmony, a celebration of cultural diversity through food and stories. Whether you’re an ‘early bird’ workplace or a first-time participant, this is your chance to connect with your team over a shared experience.   By registering your event by February 16, 2024, you’ll not only become

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  • Taking A Taste of Harmony home by mixing up weeknight dinners!

    A Taste of Harmony is predominantly a workplace event, but after such a wonderful experience at her workplace, one participant decided it was also worth taking it home. This is especially relevant during a period when so many of us have had to spend so much time at home.   Emily Beraldo organised a highly

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  • Diving in to learn about other cultures

    The EdSmart team is an incredibly diverse bunch who embrace their differences to work better together. First hearing about A Taste of Harmony several years ago, for Fiona it was a no-brainer to take part, and to this day it remains a popular occasion on the EdSmart workplace calendar.   In 2021, while in the middle

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  • A new partnership with Feast for Freedom!

    This year, A Taste of Harmony is partnering with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s (ASRC) Feast for Freedom and it is now part of our program of events on offer to participants.   Like A Taste of Harmony, Feast for Freedom is a celebration of good food and great company with recipes gifted to participants

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  • Trusting and optimistic: New report finds social cohesion in broadly solid shape, despite COVID-19

    Support for our government, trust in our fellow citizens and economic satisfaction are driving an optimistic outlook for Australian society, according to the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute’s 2021 Mapping Social Cohesion Report.   Released on Tuesday 30 November, the report is produced by Emeritus Professor Andrew Markus AO from Monash University and the Social Research

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  • Why one workplace believes Australians should get involved with A Taste of Harmony

    Himanshi Munshaw Luhar of Foodie Trials   Nearly 50% of Australians are born overseas or have one parent born overseas. We speak almost 300 different languages and we are a melting pot of culture. There is no better way of getting people together than over a plate of food and that is why I feel

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  • New dates confirmed for A Taste of Harmony 2024

    Australia’s favourite celebration of cultural diversity in the workplace will return in 2024 with the dates now confirmed!   A Taste of Harmony will take place from: Monday 18 March until Friday 19 March 2024.   This year we have expanded our dates to accomodate the participation of individuals who will observe Ramadan (likely to take

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  • The Science Behind Food Sharing

    By Felicity Menzies, Principal Consultant and CEO of Include-Empower.Com   Initiatives such as A Taste of Harmony and Harmony Day, held each year in March, provide us with a unique opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of our nation, and most commonly, our workplaces.   Australia is the world’s second most multicultural nation, tied with Switzerland behind Luxembourg

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  • Melissa Leong – Learning more about my cultural heritage

    I was always curious about my cultural heritage beyond what I knew about my family being from Singapore, with Chinese ancestry. Growing up in a predominantly white Australian community, with a few Greek and Italian families, I was always fascinated about how far and wide they knew their family tree.

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  • My multicultural treasures – Nick Filsell

    We spoke with Head Chef of Treasury 1860, Nick Filsell about his experimentation with food from different cultures and how being exposed to different cultures has evolved his cooking styles and recipes.

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  • The Sweet Life – Liliana Battle

    We spoke with Liliana Battle, about the cultural influences of her dessert recipes her latest book The Sweet Life.

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  • Exploring the culturally diverse cuisine of Melbourne – Himanshi Munshaw Luhar

    We spoke with Himanshi Munshaw Luhar, founder of Foodie Trails, about her cultural heritage and how she started her business exploring the cultural food treasures of Melbourne.

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