A Taste of Harmony is an annual event that provides Australian workplaces with the opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity in their workforce. A Taste of Harmony will take place from 16–27 March 2020.

Here are three easy steps to get involved:

  • 1. Register Your Event

    It only takes a couple of minutes but is worth the effort because once you are registered via the website you’ll be able to organise your event online. You can register one event or multiple events for your company.

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  • 2. Start organising

    Once registered, you will have access to your own personal event hub. You’ll be able to login in the lead-up to your event to help get things organised. Set the date for your event between 18 – 29 March 2019 and decide whether it is at lunchtime, morning or afternoon tea. It might be a big event for your whole organisation or a small one for your team. You can tailor your event to suit your workplace.

  • 3. Get everyone excited

    Now the fun really begins! Invite your colleagues to bring a dish representing their cultural background, a favourite plate or a food they have never tried. You can download posters to help promote the event and share recipes from celebrity chefs to help inspire your team. On the day, print dish cards, conversations starters and a world map as part of your celebration. The final step is to get together to enjoy a tasty meal, share stories and celebrate your workplace cultural diversity.