A Taste of Harmony (14 – 25 March 2022) is an annual initiative in which Australian workplaces organise an activity to recognise and celebrate cultural diversity at work.

We bring people together to share, discover and learn about each other’s cultural heritage. There are many ways for workplaces to participate in A Taste of Harmony, from encouraging staff to bring in food that reflects their cultural origins to using team meetings to help share the many stories. Workplaces are supported to run their activities with an array of downloadable resources. Simply register your workplace and start organising!

Watch our short ‘how it works’ video to learn more!

How to Register

Organising an A Taste of Harmony activity at your workplace is easy! We ask every workplace team to register. This helps us to keep track on how many people are taking part, as well as send you updates in the lead-up (don't worry - we promise not to bombard you with emails!).

Register Your Workplace

You need to complete a simple registration form to take part (remember it is free to participate!). We just ask for a few details to help get you set-up and provide full access to our event hub.

Start Organising

Once registered you’ll have access to our event hub. Here you'll find everything you need!

Get Everyone Excited

You'll have access to all types of materials to support your activities including world maps, cultural quizzes, zoom backgrounds, discussion guides and lots more. Register. Decide on your activity. Download the tools. You’re good to go!