A Taste of Harmony is Australia’s largest celebration of workplace cultural diversity. With one in four workers coming from overseas, it is important to acknowledge, recognise and celebrate Australia’s diverse workforce. 

A Taste of Harmony will take place over two weeks from 14–25 March 2022.

Funded by the Scanlon Foundation, workplaces are asked to register and then organise an activity that helps workers to share their cultural background within the workplace setting.

There are a number of different ways to get involved including:

  1. Host an event in person or virtually with your team.
  2. Create a company or team cookbook with much loved recipes from your team.
  3. Provide opportunities for team members to share stories about their heritage (including online options).
  4. Support your local restaurants and cafes and explore the different cultures in your local area.
  5. Utilise the ATOH discussion guides to have a conversation around cultural diversity.

This year will be the 14th year of A Taste of Harmony celebrations. Since 2009 over 30,000 workplaces throughout Australia and overseas have taken part.