About us

About us

A Taste of Harmony is Australia’s largest celebration of cultural diversity that has been especially created for workplaces of all shapes and sizes! We use food as a way of bringing people together to share, discover and learn about each other’s cultural heritage.

This year will be the 16th year of A Taste of Harmony celebrations. Since 2009 over 30,000 workplaces throughout Australia and overseas have taken part.

Why Participate?

There are so many reasons why you should register and take part in A Taste of Harmony. In fact, 100 per cent of participants consider it an important event to foster and value cultural diversity at their workplace. Below are a few of the (many reasons) to take part:

  • Easy to organise
  • Great way to get employees in the office or work site
  • Sharing food is a great way for people to open up
  • Helps employees feel motivated and creative
  • Increases a sense of belonging
  • Delicious food
  • Multiple ways to get involved
  • Chance to get know team members better
  • And it’s lots of fun!

Ideas & Inspirations

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