Celebrating ramadan

Celebrating ramadan

Build your cultural understanding of Ramadan

A Taste of Harmony has partnered with the Islamic Museum of Australia to give workplaces an opportunity to build their understanding of Ramadan. Using resources and guides to understand the significance of Ramadan helps to show empathy and respect for the demands of the month. It will also help employees to feel accepted and valued, particularly as the practices and customs can be physically demanding and time consuming.

Five ways to support Ramadan at your workplace

Throughout March, organisations are encouraged to embrace Ramadan and take the opportunity to build cultural knowledge, raise awareness amongst staff and show empathy for those who are observing the period. Taking part in the festivities once Ramadan is complete is good way to promote inclusivity and respect - while also having a great time together!

Interested in learning more?

Our wonderful partner from the Islamic Museum of Australia has some terrific resources for workplaces and schools. Please visit their website here or email via contact@tasteofharmony.org.au and we'll help make an introduction.

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