12/03/2020 |

Ideas for non-food events

If you’ve planned an event but are looking for some activities that don’t involve food, check out the ideas below:

-Print out a world map (you can find this in our Event Hub), stick it up in a common area at your workplace and leave pins for each team member to mark the country of their origin.

-Ask each team member to submit a recipe, it can even be turned into a recipe book that can be shared amongst the team! You could ask people to take photos when they are creating someone else’s recipes and share at the next team meeting.

-Similar to recipes, ask your team members to bring an item that represents their culture. In the next team get together (if people are working remotely) ask them to talk about the item and why it best represents their cultural background.

-Challenge the team to a quiz, conversation cards, Scattegories or name the flag challenge. All of these can be found in our Event Hub.

-Play our Taste the Hits playlist on Spotify in the office and ask each team member to contribute their favourite songs.

-Screen an international film.

-Get your team together to participate in an art or craft session. This could include origami, painting or papier-mâché.

– If your team is working remotely, ask each member to share a childhood photo and favourite memory via email. You could then try and guess who’s who or even compile a book to share at the next team meeting.

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