White curry powder by O Tama Carey

Author: 0 Tama Carey
9 ingredients10 prep5 cook
This is a simple and delicate curry powder, none of the spices are toasted and there is no chilli. You would use this to make any gently spiced curry, probably a vegetable one, but it’s also very good as seasoning powder, for example sprinkled liberally over a tray of roasted vegetables. The salt in the recipe will help with the grinding of the spices and will also give it extra favour for seasoning purposes.
6 sprigs fresh curry leaves
3 tbs salt flakes
2 tbs white peppercorns
2 tbs coriander seeds
1 ½ tbs fennel seeds
½ tbs nigella seeds
½ tbs cumin seeds
2 tsp turmeric powder

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