Aslyum Seeker Resource Centre

This year, A Taste of Harmony is partnering with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s (ASRC) Feast for Freedom and it is now part of our program of events on offer to participants.

Like A Taste of Harmony, Feast for Freedom is a celebration of good food and great company with recipes gifted to participants by refugees to help raise much needed funds for ASRC.

“You can host a Feast in your home or workplace, with your community or at a hospitality venue. Feasts can be held between Monday 18 – Sunday 24 March, or you may like to fundraise as part of your A Taste of Harmony activity or any time in March. All money raised will go towards supporting people seeking asylum in Australia.”

If you would like to get involved with Feast for Freedom, you’ll need to register on their websitehere. You can also register your interest as part of your A Taste of Harmony registration.

Once registered with Feast for Freedom, you’ll be gifted a range of hand-selected, delicious, and simple dishes from a chef’s own culture for you to cook! You can then invite guests and start your fundraising (you’ll be supported with a fundraising page and can manage this all online!).

There is no obligation for any current A Taste of Harmony participants to take part in Feast for Freedom. We have partnered with Feast for Freedom because both initiatives are working towards a similar goal to make Australia an inclusive place. A Taste of Harmony will remain a fundraising free activity. This is an additional opportunity for those who are interested.

Find out more about Feast for Freedom here.

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