South Korean


10 ingredients25 mins (2-3 hours soaking) prep8 servings

My favourite food from Korea. Kimchi is so popular in Korea there are kimchi museums and entire kimchi fridges. In the past, we would make enough kimchi in summer to last our very cold winters and it would be buried underground in pots. Now, leading tech companies, such as Samsung and LG have created the kimchi fridge.

Anyway, kimchi is really healthy and tasty side dish and the Koreans believe it is their intake of kimchi that saved them from the SARS virus outbreak years ago as there is a fair dose of garlic included.

1 x chinese cabbage

70 grams cooking salt

1 x onion

20 x grams sugar

50 x grams sugar syrup

4 x grams minced ginger

80 x grams Korean chilli powder

200 grams minced garlic

20 x grams squid sauce

40 x grams garlic chives
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