08/12/2020 |

Tips for hosting a COVID safe event

A Taste of Harmony invites workplace teams to get together over morning tea or lunch to try different foods and share stories about their cultural background.  Events can be held physically or virtually and don’t need to be fancy!


In light of COVID-19, we are encouraging all workplaces to ensure any A Taste of Harmony events are COVID-safe. 


If you are planning to host an in-person event, please read our tips to help keep everyone safe:

  • Aim for a small team event (less than twenty people). If your team is bigger in size, consider hosting multiple events within the team.
  • BYO drink bottles and use disposable cutlery and paper plates.
  • Keep hand sanitiser on the table for use before and after eating.
  • Allow plenty of room between people or consider an outdoor option.
  • Encourage people to serve themselves.
  • You might decide not to share food, but this doesn’t mean you can’t share stories. Invite everyone to bring a lunch to help represent their culture, but instead of sharing food, you can share stories of the food instead (any maybe send around recipes later)!
  • As always, we encourage participants to use safe food practices when preparing food as outlined by health authorities. Please take a moment to read this guide.


Most importantly we encourage all organisations to follow all Covid-19 health advice from the Department of Health.


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