• National costumes

    In addition to tasting ethnic dishes, staff members can dress up in ethnic costumes and give performances from the countries they represent

    Lancaster, ANZ Pacific Operations

  • Diverse Drinks

    Ask colleagues to bring in non-alcoholic drinks such as teas and juices from different countries.

  • Games of the world

    Encourage colleagues to share games specific to their cultural background such as Mahjong Tiles from China or Bocce from Italy

  • Snack time

    If time or staggered meal breaks are an issue, try a morning or afternoon tea in a communal area

  • Learn the lingo

    Before your event, ask workmates to learn how to say ‘it’s delicious!’ in a language other than their own. Go around the circle and teach each other the phrase!

  • Sweet treats

    Share traditional desserts from countries around the world for a multicultural ‘high tea’

  • Decorate the area

    A Taste of Harmony doesn’t have to be restricted to food. Get creative and carry the theme from your dish through to decorations and turn your staffroom into a worldly display of different cultures

  • My grandma used to make…

    Encourage workmates to bring in a dish that their grandma (or grandpa!) taught them to cook, or which best reminds them of their grandparents

  • Dream destination

    Encourage workers to bring a dish from the place they would most like to visit.