Hero Ambassadors

Our Hero Ambassadors have great stories to share about their involvement in A Taste of Harmony celebrations. Take a look at their profiles to find out what A Taste of Harmony means to them and how they celebrate.
  • Nazeem Hussain

    "Imagine only being aware of how one single ethnic group in the whole world lives. You'd get food envy watching your co-workers eat lunch from around the world." View profile >

  • Huss Mustafa

    "I believe Australia’s multiculturalism – where we celebrate our cultural differences and respect common values – has become a role model for other nations" View profile >

  • Guy Grossi

    "We are a multicultural society and we've built this great country on the ideas of people who came from other countries - it's Australia's history and its future" View profile >

  • Ed Halmagyi

    "My Hungarian heritage is really important to me. It's a link to my past and a guide to my future" View profile >

  • Gabriel Gaté

    "Cooking is like a language, and after 47 years of practice I have become quite fluent, and a dish can have dozens of variations, depending on my mood and the ingredients available." View profile >

Chef Supporters

With an array of cultural heritages as diverse as their culinary styles, we are proud to present this year's A Taste of Harmony Chef Supporters! Browse through their profiles for inspiration and recipes.