Meet Ed


Name: Ed Halmagyi

Heritage: Hungarian

Position: Chef

Company: Better Homes and Gardens

Cook with passion, eat with love!

How did your interest in food and cooking first take shape?

I first started cooking while I was in high school when my Dad decided that I would be a better teenager (think less naughty) if I went and got a job. I started as a pot-washer, but soon fell in love with cooking, and began my wonderful and continuing love affair with the kitchen.

Is there a particular recipe you love to cook from your own background?

Hungarian cherry dumplings are an absolute must for me. I make them all the time. They’re rich, sweet and irresistible. just don’t eat too many, they’re definitely not health food!

Why is celebrating cultural diversity important to you?

Australia opened its arms to my family after they had survived the war, the Holocaust and Communism. They thrived and have contributed in really meaningful ways to what this country stands for. I’d love to see that story told again and again. Migrants bring so much to our nation.

Why is having an integrated and harmonious workplace important?

A diverse and harmonious workplace allows individuals to express their highest potential, creates an atmosphere of creativity through the sharing of world views that may not commonly meet, and leaves us all more curious and fascinated with the world generally.

Why should Australians celebrate A Taste of Harmony?

There are so many great reasons to sample the world’s flavour, most of which involve your taste buds! But if you ever want to understand the world that little bit better, and experience what it means to be a world citizen, then this is the very best first step I can imagine.

Cook with passion, eat with love!

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