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Katherine Sabbath

Photo credits: Katherine Sabbath


Sydney based cake creative sensation; Katherine Sabbath shares where her passion for baking began and how it has the power to bring so many people together.


I was raised on a rich and wide variety of foods and I have an appreciation for all cultures. My Mum is Vietnamese and my Dad is German. We all consider ourselves to be very proud Aussies. My parents love multicultural cuisines, so I’ve been lucky to have a curious appetite instilled in me from a young age.


I’ve always loved to bake and draw inspiration from my German Grandmother, Liselotte, who would bake for my whole family. Her take on the Linzer Torte (a buttery Austrian lattice tart filled with preserves), made with plum and raspberry jam is a treasured memory of my childhood. She would make everything from scratch, including the jam, and you could taste the attention to detail, the good quality ingredients and the love.


I believe this was what has driven me to pursue my passion for baking as a full time career. In my previous job as a high school teacher, I would spend a lot of time practicing my baking and cake decorating during any spare moment I had.


I love experimenting with flavours and unusual decorating methods, and I think this shows in my baking.


Being able to share my work on Instagram with other like-minded people and saying ‘yes’ to exciting opportunities have meant forging a career in baking has happened quite serendipitously.


I think what I love most about baking is its beautiful history. I have so many great memories eating the baked goods of my childhood!


When people bake, they often draw on past baking experiences with older friends and family members, or use beloved recipes handed down from generation to generation, like the simplest scone recipe.


I love that baking has the power to bring so many people together and to celebrate so many different occasions across cultures. From weddings, to birthdays, to anniversaries, there’s a cake or dessert to mark any moment and I think that’s incredibly special.

Katherine’s cookbook: ‘Katherine Sabbath – Greatest Hits – The Pop Edition’ is an interactive, entertaining and completely immersive pop-up art book, featuring a selection of her cakes and desserts. Find out more here!

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