Marinated chicken with charred limes

Author: Anonymous
18 ingredients30 (refrigerate overnight) prep30 mins cook4 mins servings
Dietary: Halal suitable
Sally Butcher and her husband Jamshid kindly talked me through this recipe, which is a Middle Eastern classic. Poussin are skinned, cut up and left to sit in a bath of lime juice for 24 hours, before they are grilled or barbecued, basted all the while with saffron butter.
1 chicken (or 2 poussin), each cut into 10 pieces, skin on
a large pinch of saffron strands
1 tbsp boiling water
100 g butter
1 garlic clove, crushed
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Large pinch of saffron strands
1 tbsp boiling water
250 ml lime juice (or sour orange or lemon)
1 onion, coarsely grated

Cucumber and yoghurt sauce
200 ml (generous ¾ cup) yoghurt
a handful of mint leaves, finely chopped
½ cucumber, peeled, halved lengthways, deseeded, grated and drained
a pinch of sugar

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