16/03/2018 |

Six Last-Minute Event Ideas

If you’ve planned your event but are looking for some quick ideas to make it fun and engaging, here are six last-minute ideas!


1. Where do you come from?


Place a large print out of a world map on the wall. Ask your team members to each bring a photo of themselves and place the photos around the edge of the map with pins. Next, ask them to place a pin on the country where they were born. Connect the pins with coloured pieces of string. Finally, step back and marvel at how diverse your team is!


2. Country Cook-Off


A week out from your event if you find your team is looking for ideas on what dish to bring, perhaps you could elect to have a team ‘country cook-off’. Simply write down the names of a range of countries and put them in a hat. Ask each staff member to each pull one country out of the hat and bring a dish correlating with that country.



3. Guess the Ingredients


Pick two dishes from the assortment of meals that have been brought to your lunch and ask staff to guess the ingredients of each dish. The person who guesses the most ingredients wins a fun prize.   For extra fun add a blindfold!


4. Geography Challenge


Time to get competitive! Call out a list of 10-15 countries and ask with your team to guess the capital city of each country. Go one step further and see if they can remember the name of each country’s leader!


5. Recipe Swap


Time to jazz up the repertoire of weeknight dinners! Ask staff to bring in their two favourite recipes (or meals they cook regularly) and share them with the team. This is a great way to provide new ideas for diverse weeknight dinners!


6. Best Holiday Outside Australia?


Ask staff to talk about the most interesting places they have been outside Australia and why (just be prepared for your colleagues to start planning holidays!).

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