04/12/2017 |

Cookbook Collaboration

Have a family recipe that you keep coming back to? Maybe there’s a dish that’s been passed through generations of your family? Share this with your colleagues – but make sure you don’t claim credit for it! Word may get around to Grandma.


Turn the contributions of each colleague into your very own workplace A Taste of Harmony recipe book. Make sure you share the story behind why you chose the recipe you did, and what it means to you. Are there memories associated with this? How long has it been in your family? What’s the unique touch you bring to it?


Take turns using the book for team lunches – even after a Taste of Harmony celebrations for some more team bonding and delicious food from around the world. This could also make a great gift to clients, suppliers, or to your employees who made the book happen!


Click here to learn more about A Taste of Harmony and how your workplace can register to get involved.

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