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Annie – Reach Out


For Annie, friends are family, and she loves feeding them! She has even hosted a ‘Friendmas’ and entertained twenty people.


Annie is known as the risotto queen and will regularly whip up a different risotto whether it be spring vegetable, mushroom or smoked trout. Annie believes the secret to risotto is that it’s actually not that hard. It is about following your heart and then sharing amongst people, no recipe needed.


If Annie could only eat food from one culture for the rest of her life it would definitely be Japanese. She has visited Japan three times and especially looks forward to the food, including the mackerel, okonomoyaki and, of course, ramen.


She loves the differences between Japanese food in Australia and Japanese food in Japan. While she has many favourite Japanese spots in Sydney, she finds they all offer a variety of Japanese food on the menu, whilst in Japan, they usually just specialise in one thing and do it incredibly well.


Her other favourite thing to do when in Japan is to eat from a convenience store. For about five dollars you can get an amazing meal. While Annie does buy Japanese ingredients from time-to-time, she has yet to start Japanese cooking. Perhaps it is time for a Japanese inspired risotto!


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