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Maxine – Reach Out


Maxine’s family has been in Australia since the 1850s, she has done her research into the family history and found a lot of English and Wales blood in there! She was pleased to discover that she also has a Swiss connection which was a culture that she did not know much about. It prompted her to research and master a number of Swiss dishes. Each one includes all the good ingredients like potato, cream and butter.


Maxine’s family celebrations are always done over a meal and usually involve everyone bringing a plate. Meals have changed a lot since Maxine was a child where she was regularly served up the traditional meat and three vegetables. More often than not the vegetables had been boiled to death.


Maxine has three children and she has talked to them about their heritage. Her enjoyment of cooking has been passed on, with one daughter in particular taking an interest in food from a very young age.


Another son is now a vegetarian which Maxine considers a positive thing in the family as it encourages her to discover new ways with vegetables. She has learnt to make delicious vegetarian dishes including a fresh salad of broccoli, snow peas, and asparagus with a soy and sesame dressing – no boiled carrot or cabbage in sight!


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