22/02/2019 |

Mitchell – Reach Out


Mitchell is aware that somewhere in his family there is English and Irish blood lines, but he does not feel any strong connection to these cultures. There might be the odd Shepard’s Pie or jam drop biscuit served at Christmas time, but he does not largely connect his culture to food, especially since becoming vegan.


Mitchell appreciates the multiculturalism that exists in Australia today. It definitely makes for some more interesting vegan food. His favourite vegan dishes include a spicy curry – the hotter the better.


There has been a big shift in the café culture in the last few years for vegans. Once upon a time there might have been one option on the menu, whereas these days there are usually a few to choose from. Supermarkets are also improving in labelling of products for vegans, making shopping less challenging.


There is one classic English dish that regularly makes it into Mitchell’s food day – he is known in the office as the ‘hot chips man’. Maybe he is a bit more connected to his English history than he realises..


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