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Gilad – Yoghurt Digital


Gilad’s family history is complicated. There is a mix of cultures including French, Israeli, Lithuanian, Polish and Tunisian with both of his parents being migrants.


Despite this, he does feel a very strong sense of culture through his Jewish family and Jewish girlfriend. Growing up Jewish, he felt he had little choice but to embrace the customs and traditions that come along with this. But he is happy about it as there are many good things about the culture including the food!


It has been two years since Gilad first arrived in Australia and he plans on staying long term. He likes Australia for the relaxed mentality and kindness of its people. Back home could be stressful and he often felt like he was constantly competing and fighting for everything. When he gets to it, Gilad feels Australia is a good place to raise kids.


He does miss Middle Eastern food from back home, especially things like hummus which is made differently. The store-bought tubs here are good, just not what he is used to back home.


And he can’t understand why Australians aren’t completely soccer mad – he is a fanatic!


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