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4 reasons to introduce A Taste of Harmony to your workplace

1.     Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world


We have the statistics to prove it, too:


·      We come from more than 200 countries and speak 300 languages

·      One in five Australians speak a language other than English at home

·      One in five of us has at least one parent born overseas

·      27 per cent of us were born in another country

·      1 in 5 speak a language other than English at home


(Source: 2011 Census)


Our workplaces are naturally a representation of our society and its cultural diversity, and there is a very strong case for embracing cultural diversity in the workplace.


2.     Taking part in A Taste of Harmony shows you value the cultural diversity of your employees

·      Many organisations have a diversity and inclusion policy but often don’t have a dedicated activity for employees around cultural diversity. Taking part in A Taste of Harmony is an opportunity to introduce this.

·      You’ll be joining organisations including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia Post, KPMG, ANZ, Optus, Best and Less and Suncorp who all consider A Taste of Harmony to be integral to their cultural diversity programs

·      A Taste of Harmony works in a range of workplace settings – whether it is an office or retail outlet. Events can be held during lunch, morning or afternoon tea or staggered throughout the day in a tea room.


3.     There is incredibly positive feedback from workplaces who have taken part in A Taste of Harmony. It helps to make a difference!


Of the thousands of people who’ve participated, we have found:

·      91% had a greater understanding of the cultural diversity that exists in their workplace

·      97% said it brought their team closer together

·      99% said was easy to register and take part

·      97% consider it an important part of their workplace effort to help foster cultural diversity


4.     There are proven benefits of a culturally diverse workforce

The benefits of a culturally diverse workforce for businesses and employers are extensive and include:


A better bottom line:  Companies that drive innovation by leveraging the ideas and knowledge of their diverse employees meet product revenue targets 46% more often and product launch dates 47% more often than industry peers. (Source: Diversity Council Australia 2013)


Higher levels of innovation and creativity: A study by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission & Deloitte, November 2012 surveyed 1550 employees in three major Australian workplaces.  Findings show employee innovation levels increased by 83 per cent when they felt included in the workplace.


Reduced absenteeism: the more included an employee feels, the more likely they are to be at work.


A healthier and more inclusive work environment demonstrating greater respect for employees and their contributions.


The ability to expand beyond traditional markets and open up new business networks using the expert knowledge of the communities it represents. (Source: 2013 Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia FECCA).


“A culturally diverse workforce is essential for organisations that want to attract and retain the best talent, foster an ecosystem of innovation, remain relevant to their clients and capitalise on the many opportunities that exist for Australian businesses in the Asia Pacific.” Luke Sayers, CEO, PwC


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