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Why your workplace should celebrate A Taste of Harmony

With such a diverse workforce in Australia, we speak more than 300 languages and come from more than 200 countries. One in four of us are born overseas and one in five speak a language other than English at home.


A Taste of Harmony is a simple, creative and free way of celebrating cultural diversity in your workplace. Employees bring a dish from their culture of origin or affinity to share. Food is a conversation starter, and this provides an opportunity to discuss culture, family and identity.


97% of participants consider it an important part of their workplace effort to help foster cultural diversity and 97% said it brought their team closer together.


There are many proven benefits to having a culturally diverse workplace, with workplaces reporting a reduced absenteeism rate, higher levels of innovation and creativity and having a healthier and more inclusive work environment overall.


Taking part in A Taste of Harmony demonstrates that your workplace values the cultural diversity of your employees.


A Taste of Harmony will be celebrated nationwide among workplaces big and small. In 2017, over 6,200 workplaces held events – that’s more than 347,000 people taking part!


Hold a morning tea or lunch where everyone can come together and share their favourite dishes. You can register your event to access free tools to plan and organise your event here.


You will have access to our Event Hub, where you can tailor your event to your workplace, send invitations to your colleagues and keep track of what dishes people will be bringing along. You will also have access to a range of personalised tools such as posters which you can download – complete with your event details!


Register now to get conversations started at your organisation!

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